Monday, May 6, 2013

memory and the object

 I was interviewed a few weeks ago by a young artist named Traci Lee, much like me an artist with roots in photography but a desire for the more tactile. Traci and I had a lovely and interesting conversation about art, my career, and such. I always ask folks to send me links to their work and was so pleasantly surprised by Traci's work. It has an exciting amount of maturity both visually and conceptually that I know she will do interesting things in the future.

Her work looks at memory and the power of objects.

In a recent project, i really was there; i was never really there, Traci took 300 handkerchiefs and cyanotyped them with family photos and images of sentimental objects. Her artist statement quotes her grandmother in regards to loss and memory.

She then ask her Grand mother about the power of the object of the handkerchief. She simply responds  "They wipe away your tears."

In a photographic series Sentimental Objects Traci photographs objects we might consider holding sentimental value.  She says this about questioning she proposes in the series;  "looking at the importance of certain personal belongings, questioning whether or not that significance could be passed on to someone not initially attached to the objects."

You can see more of her work both photographic and alternative process here.


Kate Elisabeth Rolison said...

Thank you for sharing, Joetta. Traci's work is really interesting.

Natalya Khorover Aikens said...

wonderful... thank you!

Joetta M. said...

i know, just looking at these images of her work makes me want to play with the process again, so lovely.