Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Another show that I literally missed by a day in NYC, this one feels especially tragic as not only do  I love the work of Joan Linder but the exhibit feels highly relevant to the work that I am currently making too.

Joan shows at one of my fave galleries, mixed greens, and has a current exhibit of her drawings that focuses in the ever changing landscape of the kitchen sink.

I love the simplicity of the series, just repetition of this specific and centralized place in the domestic domain and focusing in its changing details. Such a portrait of a home in general and simultaneously of a specific family in a specific time.

I feel super inspired by the simplicity of concept and yet depth of the work - something her work often does for me.

The press release beautifully says:

The kitchen sink is a loaded symbol of labor, accumulation, and time. However, unlike the oozing masculinity of Jim Dine’s hammers or Lucien Freud's studio sink (encrusted with paint and the tap running wastefully), the kitchen sink represents an unwanted chore, the repetition involved with domesticity, and, in unenlightened households, women's work. Linder playfully and incisively transforms this monotony into a different kind of labor through vigorous and colorful contour drawings, continuous line drawings, and realistic renderings. She studies this banal, yet powerful, fixture in her life and uses it as a metonym for motherhood, family, and the passage of time.

See more image exhibits and read the press release here.
You can see a previous post that I have written on her work here.


Judy Martin said...

Thanks for introducing me to this artist and to this subject.

So very powerful.

Joetta M. said...

my pleasure. a friend from graduate school brought her work to my attention and I have been faithfully followoing her and regularly being inspired for quite awhile now.