Tuesday, May 28, 2013

pixelated tradition.

Generally I do not feature more commercially based work but when a student led me to the design of the Glasgow based design duo know as Timorous Beasties I kind of had to write about them. They mostly focus on textile design and wallpaper. 

What I love about their work is the combination of contemporary references, places and societal issues amongst traditional patterns and designs.  Often creating damasks that look old and traditional from afar but almost pixelated and ink smeared up close.  They also did a lace curtain in a similar vain.

There claim to fame is for sure their contemporary take on toile adding architecture and situations that are truly modern day and site specific all blended in with the very traditional design.  I am a sucker for this stuff and if I ever were to be rich I would be getting some of that wallpaper for sure.

See more of their designs and special projects at their website here.http://www.timorousbeasties.com/

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