Monday, May 20, 2013

piled on the floor

When I was at the Brooklyn Museum a few weeks back I was drawn into the American Paintings gallery from afar by the above painting by Sylvia Plimack Mangold. I of course recognized her last name to be of Robert Mangold but had never heard of her before.

Apparently more known as a landscape artist she did a series of domestic space scenes, focused significantly on the floor and light. With a few of these paintings littered with the remnants of undressing and dirty clothes.

Since my new work is shifting towards this "domestic" still life I am kind of totally obsessed with looking at other artists that have done it. Much like when I shifted toward fiber I wanted to see it validated and explored by other artists- maybe this is the same. I move more and more towards drawing, thought still stitched, and want to see that this imagery can be valued by others.

I am sure I over think it all but since I actually want to be making my living as either a professor or artist you kind of have to I guess. Anyway I love these paintings by Sylvia- as the piles of clothes are what I am so interested in stitching at the moment and the patterns of sunlight on the floor have been a favorite photography subject of mine for many years.

I enjoy how simple her work is in composition but how meticulous it is in the craft. I would love to be able to find some more information and images of this particular work of hers. Now I know to keep my eye out.

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