Wednesday, May 15, 2013

repetition in the task.


some very interesting work by Stacia Yeapanis. When I first saw it I thought it was fiber collage but indeed it is meticulously cut out magazine pages.

The careful craftsmanship is impressive and how she cuts things out and assembles them reminds me of how ribbons and lace move. See much more of this work along with details on her website.

She also has an interesting collection of cross stitch series called everybody hurts with images taken from tv shows.

She says this about her work:

I explore the emotional and existential experience of repetition in our daily tasks and in the mediated ways we participate in culture, from television watching to gaming to flipping through magazines. Working in a combination of digital and handmade media, I use the conceptual strategies of accumulation, collection, appropriation and remix to reveal the capacity of these tasks/pleasures to be either monotonous, frenzied or meditative. 


Anonymous said...

Like! She says, "Every moment, or stitch, requires a choice, a commitment to the difficult task of continuing on."

Joetta M. said...

such a good quote."EVERY moment" really does.