Monday, May 20, 2013


blur... that is what life is like at the moment. I am so busy. I have been really happy as I am teaching a ton which is great, making work, slowly but making it and am excited about it and my daily life is good. But oh so oh not enough time for any of it.

I really would love to get to actually get some applications done, my website updated and stuff like that.  I am a little tiny freaking out as I have NO shows lined up and that is a first in a VERY long time. But of course I have not been getting in touch with galleries since my website needs updated. So annoyingly today I think I have to suck it up and give up my precious making hours to sit behind the computer and get my website update going. Rip the band aid off and then I can get some long overdue correspondences out for exhibits.

I know this is the right move but I so do not want to do it.  Reminder to self once my website is updated I can start applying for things, will get shows lined up, weight of shoulders lifted and then my work can be my focus again. Right?