Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the mark is enough-

 I recently saw the work of Roanna Wells in the new books "Drawn to stitch" and loved it! A lot of the work is super simple repetition of stitches massed further and closer apart. Conceptually it is obvious that a lot more is going on but to be frank- I don't care.

Her work makes me not need to know what is inspiring her or how she makes decisions instead I just want to look at it. I can read into it if I want or I can see it as marks. I can think about groupings but I'd rather just let thought go and simply see.

details of various works above.

I am very inspired by how direct and simple the work is. I would never be able to just make stitches and let that be enough and I love that she can.

She also has a new work that is about taking away and I think it is an exciting direction.

See more of her work here.