Saturday, September 13, 2008

bad night. 2

I took this post off and moved it to waking with you where it was suppose to live...but then I read all the amazing comments that I had waiting in my inbox, and put it back up here.
I appreciate all of your sweet honesty and I am so glad that people appreciate mine.
And since I made the mistake of moving the post before I read the comments I lost them.
So...I have copied some below:

Original Post:

bad night.
bad dreams.
sometimes it is really hard being married.
today it is very hard being married to you.


From Veronica
Thank you for saying that out loud. Sometimes when I read all these lovely blogs I get the sense that everyone out there has a perfect life except for me. Perfect marriages, perfect mothers, perfect kids in perfect houses. It is refreshing to hear someone admit that sometimes it is hard being married. You made me feel better this morning, knowing that I am not the only one.

Right! I love celebrating beauty and joy but sometimes it is beautiful to celebrate and share our sadness, loss and frustrations...Veronica I too feel better knowing that I am not the only one.

From Nadia
this morning my husband looked at me and all i could say is you are meany!

i do not like those nights, i hope you have your yellow shoes on so when you are staring done the sun can stare back at you....

Meany is the perfect word for what I was feeling...
and yes the sun was staring back at me all day.

From Kendelee's as if your words expressed some of my own recent thoughts! And I agree...I like that you are happy to say these things out loud. It's brave to acknowledge this so openly, and I admire that in you. And although I don't want to celebrate the sadness or wish it for others, I do find it strangely reassuring to see my life's imperfections mirrored out in the world, and so I thank you for that.

It is wonderful for us all to connect by what makes our experiences similar...thank you.

From Erica
I echo all the comments ... I'm inspired by your willingness to put it all out there...

BTW - I could totally relate to your past post about sometimes wanting to just throw a cutting board at your man......yup. Of course other times we just want to throw our arms around them.

And finally in the light of another day I am back to wanting to throw my arms around him.

So to all of us who are in love... none of us are alone in the fact that it sure as hell is not perfect...but somehow it is still worth it.

Thank you

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