Friday, September 5, 2008

chelsea got highlights.

I did not get to see much as I got there late and when you are with a group of people there is a very different flow.
But these were the highlights last night:

Peter Mallo (above) who is in my old studio building has a show at Walter Randel.
His work is beautifully made and in my opinion a little kinky in nature.

Chris Duncan at Jeff Bailey Gallery, I am not sure I loved the work but I did enjoy it.
The Faith Void Split:

this one is stitching on metallic board.

the piece in the white is strings on the wall, it was very intense to look at in person.

The highlight was unexpected: Judy Glantzman (below) at Betty Cunningham.
Judy is a very nice lady who makes far out paintings, her new ones have much more negative space which I like (not shown)....but the best thing was this amazing wall installation that she did. (see picture here). The image just does not do it justice because in real life it kind of takes your breath away. It is so worth the visit!!!

And I did not see this but from the doorway, but I need to go back because it looks

Phoebe Washburn at Zach Feuer .

What have you been seeing?

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so much inspiration!