Tuesday, September 9, 2008

did I mention I was exhausted...

because I am.
The learning curve of a new job that has elements of things that you have never done is:
aka exhausting.
I am sure it is just the "transitional" period and I hope so. But the day could not have ended sooner.
And then ...
I know that in the next 2 months I will be out of town 4 weekends.
Have 3 doctor's appt's and ...
still need to make art.

Whoever came up with 24 hours makes a day was either out of their mind or had a magic watch that stopped time.
Hmmm. If I had that magic watch I would use it to sleep WAY longer every day.

How was your day?


nadia said...

oh, eat well, stretch...and take a moment for yourself..i say this because my schedule got full- and i found myself with a throat ache and a cold.

i hope the appointments are routine and you must tell us about your getaways.

Joetta said...

a moment for myself- that the one i def. need to remember.

Dr.s are not routine but minor stuff, you know maintenance on these bodies we have to take care of.