Monday, September 22, 2008

farmers flowers...

Oh how lovely the flowers are that I bought at the farmers market this weekend.
and they helped me during all the work I did at the table Sunday.
Grant applications.
Show applications.
Figuring out what work I need to ship and when and why.
If only I made it into the studio!!!

But I do have images to share soon of some work that has been moving along... just in my living room instead of my studio.
And I decided I was unhappy with the one work I did for my commission so I am starting a simpler one...simple words are so much more profound.

if only all these things could fit into one day.

Making work, and making money, and making a life is hard to fit into one day and one lifetime.


kendalee said...

Oh, I so understand this feeling. Just so much to cram into a day... hard to manage a balance... and the days whizz by...

Love your flowers though! :o)

Joetta said...

here is to us both getting what we want done in one day and then getting a day to do nothing as our prize...