Monday, September 8, 2008

heavy, minimal, and soft.

Recently I was at the MOMA and saw an amazing and inspiring Robert Morris piece.
I was unable to find an image online of this piece but it was truly inspiring.
Essentially it was a giant pile of shredded felt of different colors, the texture, the scale it was great.
It kind of reminded me of Tara Donovan's landscapes but with more warmth and depth (spatially).

So instead of an image of that piece I inspire you with a few others.
And though these works are much more minimal they are still pretty awesome, the heaviness felt in the piece and the scale of the work is powerful.

I have never seen these works in person but they are now very on my radar and I hope to see them soon.
If they are in anyway as inspiring as the piece at the MOMA I would be delighted.


josephine said...

these are gorgeous! i like the way you described them - heavy and soft.

Joetta said...

yes, i wish i was curled up in something heavy and soft...together they are perfect.
Maybe that is why i love my fat kitties they are both heavy and soft on my body.
even our bodies are both heavy and soft, no wonder it is an appealing combo.