Tuesday, September 2, 2008

piles of beauty...

Edge Rotation

Artist, Marcia Miller Gross makes some amazingly beautiful piles. What is it about piles that are so comforting?




Miller Gross states:

In my site specific objects and installations, utilitarian textiles are used to explore the potent history of use, and the multiple associations of a material... I make structures that address mass and void, weight, density, equilibrium, compression and release. Within these qualities, I find parallels in the physical and psychological states of the body, and the human condition. These intimate materials have an intense relationship to the body, and the capacity to carry traces, memory and former use. My interest in mundane physical actions of folding and stacking finds its focus in order and reduction. The expressiveness of a simple activity of the hand...


seth said...

These are exquisite. Thanks for the link.

Joetta said...

exquisite is the perfect word.