Sunday, September 21, 2008

wisdom in image and word..

I recently was just exposed to the work of artists Marlene Dumas. Dumas is a well established and successful artist but someone that 2 years ago I would have had no interest in...
But as my work turns more toward a form of drawing through my fabric work...
And more toward simplicity in my photographs...I have become aware and open to an entirely new community of artists.

Dumas' work exudes a quiet, raw, emotion and I love the simplicity of shapes and lines that she uses to tell so much. The piece that opened me up to her is at the exhibition at work and I have to be honest none of the work online lives up to the beauty of that work. I will have to try to get an image to share with all of you.

But what I did love was the words I found on Dumas' website. Half painter/ half poet/ all artist.

My best works are

erotic displays of
mental confusions
(with intrusions of
irrelevant information).

I paint because I am a woman.

(It's a logical necessity.)
If painting is female and insanity is a female malady, then all women painters are mad and all male painters are women.
I paint because I am an artificial blonde woman...

(I believe in eternity.)
Painting doesn't freeze time. It circulates and recycles time like a wheel that turns. Those who were first might well be last. Painting is a very slow art. It doesn't travel with the speed of light. That's why dead painters shine so bright.
It's okay to be the second sex.
It's okay to be second best.
Painting is not a progressive activity. (…)


little red hen said...

What an interesting blog! I enjoyed browsing it.

nadia said...

Oh how i love her. My mum introduced me to her..drawn in by her subject matter and use of greys and browns and i think there is something so heavy in these simple personages..