Monday, September 29, 2008


As I posted yesterday I am very excited about the opening of the MAD.
And in creating the post I was really drawn to the Paul Villinski images online...
Well now that I have seen his website all I can say is wow!

all the butterflies are cut from found beer cans, now that is creative recycling.

The butterfly series "explores themes of transformation"

In a way each series seems like it is made by a different artist but with
every version of Paul I am taken and... every version has wings...literally and figuratively.


I remember seeing one of these pieces at MAD last year and found it very moving.

Lost gloves? The city is full of them. Do they stand in for the people who wore them? Instantly you wonder: whose was this - their sex and age and body type - their laugh? What work was done? You begin to construct entire identities, for the gloves are replete with memory, with personal history. They are almost the hands themselves, in ways even more telling. There is good reason for all the folkloric wisdom of hands: idle hands are... many hands make... like a hand and glove... if the glove fits...



many people I am sure are inspired by the childlike quality of wanting to fly mixed with the heaviness of life as an adult seen is his flying machines:


and his poetic artist statement is truly worth the read.
His work is kind of a different inspiration as I feel his work is drastically different from mine and do not feel inspired by the literal "work" but more inspired by his vision.
Essentially inspired to dream and believe in my own.


nadia said...

i am big fan.

Martha said...

This was really interesting...I will definitely follow the links you gave. Thanks! :)

Martha B.

Myah a.k.a Karlette said...

WOW. Thankyou I would never have know this artist if I hadnt gone through your blog. Im a wakingupwithyou fan and happened to browse through this blog.

Joetta said...

so glad that you all enjoyed his work as much as I did...
And Myah so glad that you enjoy waking up with you...sometimes I wonder if anyone ever follows it...glad to know you do

kendalee said...

wow. just wow.