Thursday, December 25, 2008

happy christmas.

I finally got to the computer to wish you all a very happy and joy filled Christmas.
I hope it was one for you... we had a nice mellow one and got a long beautiful walk in the mountains in and an awesome massage from my sis.
Hoping for another mountain walk before we head to Ohio for some Grandma visiting.

So I look forward to catching up with you, art, and inspiration soon.

And check out the awesome cookies my mom, sister in law, and I made.
Admit it you are impressed!


nadia said...


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Chrisy said...

...yes impressive cookies!...i stumbled on your etsy shop through a treasury...and now to your blog...just have to tell you how inspirational your sewn artpieces are! coveted a couple of them!

Joetta said...

thanks to all of you. Chrisy delighted that you covet some of my work and happy to pass the inspiration along:)