Wednesday, December 3, 2008

sit down for a great cause

The Essex Art Center is an amazing non-profit art center in Lawrence, Ma.
I know because I taught there for over 2 years when I lived in Boston.

They have fun and varied art classes, 2 galleries, one of which is curated by the amazing artist
Cathy McLaurin, and the best staff you could hope for.
But what make sit really special is what it does for its community.
It is locate in a community with a great divide, one one half you have wealthy upper class community and on the other half you have a large first generation Dominican Republic and Puerto Rican community. The children of these two communities in a normal day would never interact. But this art center brings the community together in a very special way.

As a teacher it was so wonderful to watch 2 little boys from these 2 very different worlds become fast best friends. It was amazing to hear 2 teenage girls talk about how different fashion at there high schools were...but that they both thought the others was "so cool."

So if you are in the market for a one of a kind artist chair check out the "so cool" chairs that are being sold as part of EAC's Take a seat fundraiser. And if you find a chair you love, like the awesome grocery cart one above, know that you are giving money to an especially great place.

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