Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good news...

Though I would love to be sharing the exciting news of me finding the most perfect, wonderful job and getting hired for it....I do not have this news.

But artistically speaking I have some great news.
I found a studio...use your imagination with the pictures.
It is currently being built out now so we cannot move in until March...but it will be worth it.
We will have huge, gi-normous windows...and we are hoping that we will be up high enough to see the harbor...but we definitely can see the elevated train...and at night I love watching it go by.

By we, I mean me and the amazingly talented Spring... we are sharing a larger space which allows us windows, cheaper rent, and company a win, win. Plus it will be great to share a space with someone who is truly talented. I can't wait to show you all the space once we are moved in and have walls.

And I got into another show, yeah! Onward 09 at Project Basho in Philadelphia. It feels great to have work in 3 different shows, in 3 different cities, from 3 different bodies of work... now if only some would sell maybe I would not need that perfect job.


takinanap said...

wow. great studio. you are a lucky duck!

Joetta said...

Indeed I am. Quack. Quack.