Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I have been in a state of watching...not sure what I am looking for.
But since I do not know, I just keep watching.

Hoping this thing will reveal itself.
Hoping for some clarity.

and little by little things do reveal or clarify or get answered.
but the biggest one, the biggest question, in my current moment still goes unanswered.

I have never been a person who does not know what's next, as C says I am a "planner".
And I am.
But I have met a path in the road that is uncertain...
I do not know where it leads, and I do not know which way to go in the forks and turns...
so I try to have faith, I try to let go, and I watch...



allison said...

I'm a planner as well. I like structure. I like new things, but they better be planned or ELSE. I think it's because I have terrible anxiety. I wish I could be a free-spirit, but not knowing what to do or what will happen drives me crazy.

Just stay strong. You'll find it! And the best advice I've ever received was this: when you're feeling particularly low, spend time with whoever makes you feel best and wait for it to pass.


Joetta said...

that is highly good advice...it must have been a wise someone.