Monday, December 1, 2008

late but still with love.

A late Happy Birthday to my super awesome Grandma- who happens to be a faithful reader- love you Grandma.
And a Happy Birthday to my very cool niece- who I doubt even know this little blog exists.

just less then 6 months ago I turned 3o and had just finished the big MFA.
If I had know then that I would still be unemployed and totally confused...

Oh well, at least I am still making art that I love and believe in.
That was always one of my goals- to still be making work at 30.
Now it's to still be doing it at 50.
Actually I have reached all the goals that I wanted to by this time in my life.
So I guess things aren't that bad... apparently jobs were never one of my goals...

But that does not work out so well for my awesome and patient C... so I need to figure something out to make him a little happier about all my non money making goals... any ideas?

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