Tuesday, December 16, 2008

very tired.

I am very tired. More tired then I want to be at 30.
Much more confused than I thought I'd be.
And a tinney, tiny bit lost.

So ... I am giving my self a little bit of a brain break.
I have many artists and things in line to feature here but feel like I have not
been giving good energy toward doing the posts.
Mainly because I want a break from looking at work and seeing amazing things...
I kind of just need to be alone in my head for a little bit.
So until the new year I am taking a little bit of a blog break.
But no worries I am still planning on posting daily.

But to take the pressure and time commitment off I am just going to share a daily photo until next year.
So I can stay inside my head and still share with you.

So I hope you enjoy the abbreviated posts and I will be back in full force next year.


bronwyn said...

Looking forward to both the abbreviated posts and your return next year. Best to you!

Joetta said...

thanks Bronwyn! Have a happy holidays.

Joanna Goddard said...

i hope you're feeling a little better today! the photo posts will be great, too xo

nadia said...

Joetta, warm and cozy and retreating sounds perfect. may you find the path to the things you have been waiting for...