Wednesday, December 31, 2008

home, sweet. home.

It is so good to be back. Unpacked except for the laundry.
The holidays are so lovely with all the family, food, fun and laughter.
But soooo lovely when they are behind you and some normalcy returns.
I am excited to get back into my life, studio, and better eating habits.

With New Years around the corner of the night I contemplate this past year, and
I must say it has not been an easy one... a lot of challenges and struggles but some very major accomplishments too.
I am excited and ready to welcome this new year in yet...I know this past year was one of growth and acceptance and therefore a very good one indeed, even if it often did not feel that way.

So please have a very wonderful, kiss filled, champagne bubbled, laughing new years eve and invite this new years in with a joy filled open heart.
I know that is what I am hoping to do.

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