Wednesday, September 16, 2009

back in the studio and the house.

We are back from out little camping adventure by the sea. It was so nice for me to step totally away from my work and C to step away from the computer to just sit, enjoy, bike, and be. Much needed and wonderful break.

We had a great time and biked about 10 miles all over the place near P-town, had a campfire and made a campfire dinner on the beach, took a whale watch, ate lots of yummy but very overpriced food, and sat in the rain a bit too.

The highlights were definitly all the animals we saw a shark, yep, tons of harbor seals swimming by the beaches, 7 humpback whales, including a calf and mama, and a total body breach from one of the whales- AMAZING, coyote tracks and the sounds of coyote howls at our campsite, and the most amazing thing was a baby seal- literally like 4 ft from us. I loved seeing the seal as he was beyond adorable but it seemed a little unsettling that he was all alone without a mama nearby... hopefully he is still happily swimming about.

And finally, I am excited to get back into and busy in my studio, get focused and motivated again after a month of taking a step back. I have a few new works in the works and am excited to be in the studio and moving forward on them, I have another embroidery class coming up, some major deadlines for some great opportunities that I hope maybe will work out, and possibly some more teaching with some high school students. So the break was great 'cause now I am a busy bee with a little more energy in my stinger.

Some images of work coming soon I promise.

Reminder that morning yoga classes have started in Brooklyn, pass the word.

And while I was searching for a "pile of suitcases" image I found this most amazing storage compartment built out of a pile of suitcases- read and see more here.


onesilentwinter said...

joetta your getaway sounds wonderful. yes k told about the sharks being so close. how i love ptown at this time quieter with gorgeous sunsets!

Joetta M. said...

so much better when it is quieter and more mellow- and yes we indeed saw some killer sunsets:)