Tuesday, September 29, 2009

network of thread.

Do you know about the very cool site and group the Hand Embroidery Network? A network of awesome and talented embroidery folk. It is like the perfect club, ha ha.
But seriously they have online exhibits, listings, discussion forums, a newsletter and in general seem like a great resource for those of us who are thread and needle obsessed. Their current exhibition features work that includes Living Organisms and has some pretty fabulous work. Including the hilarious above image by Sarah Whittle , as a new yorker bedbugs are your biggest fear!

Also included are the very lovely layered, collaged, and almost sculptural work of artists Lesley Kaye, above, and Jeana Marie Blackert, below.

Some more bugs and little creatures... by Marie Elcin-

and Grace Lister-

and a super lovely work by Armelle Deforge-

See the entire exhibition here.


jeanamarie said...

thank you for the lovely mention :)

Joetta M. said...

my pleasure!