Tuesday, September 1, 2009

fabulous facets...

Gorgeous paper sculpture faceted works by New York artist Kirsten Hassenfeld. Her works are large scale, multi dimensional objects that evoke images of jewels, chandeliers, jellyfish, and perhaps even cellular structures and DNA.

Much of Kirsten's work explores her "ambivalence toward wealth and privilege." To me it seems less ambivalent and more exploratory. Either way I would love to enter a room with her gorgeous installations, I can imagine that the play with light and shadow is simply magical.

a press release for her last solo show stated:

Borrowing forms and techniques from jewelry and other luxury goods, she creates opulent hybrids of traditional decorative art and otherworldly excess. Her works speak to notions of privilege, ownership, family pedigree, and the confusion of what we have with who we are through an embarrassment of riches. Using the language of the intimate domestic object (the chandelier, the curio) and the monumental public object (the obelisk, the reflecting pool,) Kirsten playfully evokes traditional markers of power and symbols of plenty, mixing their opulence with the fragility of the hand hewn.

You can see more of her work at her gallery here and read an interview here.


Brittany Noel said...

These are amazing! I agree, it would be so cool to walk around one of her installations.

josephine said...

these are so beautiful! i can only imagine how lovely it would be to walk among them in real life.