Monday, September 21, 2009

historically inaccurate.

I was forwarded the work if artist Richard Saja's blog Historically Inaccurate and found his work to be very interesting.

Richard embroiders onto historically printed found images and fabrics to create comments on history and society. In a weird way his work reminds me of the clothing work of Yinka Shonibare who just had a show at the Brooklyn Museum. They both manipulate traditional fabrics and ideas to comment on current situations and the legacy of history.

He also created a super gorgeous chandelier like mobile of what I think are stuffed pigs. I love it.

Makes me think about how I can incorporate already existing patterns of fabric into my work?

See more work here.


[.L.] said...

I love this- I've seen people work in similar manners before (working over pre-existing patterns) and have felt the same "i need to do this!" reaction, but I never seem to do it...

I would love to see your take on the idea!

Joetta M. said...

yeah, i have thought about doing it forever so maybe, I actually will.

Camilla said...

I've seen this before and every time I see it I think of Kent Henricksen:

Joetta M. said...

very cool work Kent has- I had not seen his work before. thanks for the link:)