Tuesday, September 22, 2009

bodies and thread.

A friend just let me know about the very cool work of fellow NY artist Megan Canning . He kindly forwarded her the info about Collective Thread the show I am curating and I hope she submits.

Megan's work actually reminds me in some ways for my friend Megan's work. Both of them approaching their art practice by exploring the human body, internal systems, and organs as metaphor for a realm of the human experience.

Of course I am drawn to Megan's fiber work-

But she also makes super cool installations-

Her statement says:
Hand sewing and traditional embroidery techniques have gradually become a key element in the work, for both visual and conceptual reasons. Sewing literally pierces the 'skin' of the work, and also becomes a metaphor for the body - the embroidery results in an orderly, clean surface and a messy, chaotic underbelly, just like the skin is a calm exterior that masks the complex inner workings of the human body.

Through my work, I am attempting to illuminate what is usually hidden beneath the surface – the physical interior of our human bodies and the memories stored within.

Love it!

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