Wednesday, September 30, 2009

urban threads

One of the artists that I mentioned yesterday needed a little more attention to her work so I thought I would feature her today, artist Marie H. Elcin.
Marie creates really courageous heavily embroidered drawings mostly of city scape's. Her technique of embroidery illustrates playgrounds, industrial areas, and urban neighborhoods. Something I have often thought of doing since my studio is in a very industrial area.

Marie manages to illustrate these areas without abandoning a sense of autobiography and narrative.

Marie's statement says:
I stitch everywhere: on the train, on my lunch break, in front of the TV, even during the sermon at church. The portability of embroidery makes it possible for my art to be an integral part of my everyday life. I do not have to save my ideas for when I have time to be in the studio. The rhythm of stitching is meditative and calming. Each stitch you see is evidence of my hand and of my time, a precious commodity in this frantic age of technology. As a traditionally female occupation, embroidery strengthens my connection to my maternal ancestors. However, my use of embroidery for fine art challenges the preconceptions associated with the materials and techniques.

Her technique seems to blend with qualities of quilting. My sense is that these are smaller pieces but I would love to see a really large one.

She also has created some very cool birds eye views of the urban development. See more here.

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