Thursday, September 24, 2009

clean stitches.

I saw this amazing piece over at a the fabulous Mr Xstitch and was just blown away by it. This super gorgeous work was made by Gretchen over at june at noon. The detail of this gorgeous doll house embroidery is simply inspiring.

Or the detail of this very cool embroidery Gretchen made for her hubby as a gift. I am sure he love it.

an homage to Frank Lloyd Wright:

Gretchen's clean detailed stitches show you how patience and time really pays off in making a gorgeous work. Her work has bubbled up tones of new ideas in my head, especially the doll house piece.

See more of her work here and her blog here. She also makes some super cool cup cozies!


Brittany | the Home Ground said...

I love that dollhouse, but I have to say I'm especially fond of the Frank Lloyd Wright piece. Creating a piece of art based on someone else's creative process (the blueprints, plans) is an interesting idea. Her stitches are amazingly perfect. I fear I could never achieve that!

june at noon said...

I just stumbled upon this post about my work. Thank you so much for your kind words! It is always a joy to be a part of such a friendly community!

Joetta M. said...

of course i love your work, the dollhouse is just perfect, and the stitches are just gorgeous!!1

I agree I too could never do such perfect even stitches myself. I envy the patience it takes:)