Thursday, September 17, 2009

simple and good.

, originally uploaded by Baie..

I was recently finally going through my flickr mail and fell upon the lovely work of Baie. What originally drew me in was her lovely and emotional photographs and then to my delight I found her simple and humorous cross stitch and embroidery work. Often the work is quoting writers.

As we know we all need to sometime say this:

and oh it can feel so good.

I really love the sweet sentiment of this one...

, originally uploaded by Baie..

I love finding work that reminds us that simple is good enough. As artists it is easy to get caught up in thinking to much and trying to hard. It is nice to be reminded that simple works can be just as powerful as complicated ones.

Here is a sample of her very lovely photographs- they seem to have a touch of nostalgia in them that I love.

See more here.

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