Tuesday, February 9, 2010

cherries and pits...

So interesting and exhausting talking to a group of about 15-20 middle school kids. I felt like I spoke at rapid fire pace just to keep them engaged but then of course I ended early as a result. In general, it went well most of the students seemed to really enjoy my work and had some good questions afterward. They also really liked seeing the varied work of other artists that I always throw in to a presentation.

but as always there was a small group of students, girls the boys were quite respectful, that could not handle being mature about my subject matter- I mean there are a lot of bodies and an occasional stray body part in my work.

And somehow someone always see my work and thinks I am depressed. This happened in graduate school too.
I am always a little annoyed by this, I am not depressed and do not find my work depressing. I simply find that there is beauty in the complicated emotions and moments of our lives. Life is not all a bowl full of cherries but it also has pits and stems- I think the pits and stems are as equally beautiful and important as the cherries and never understand how that gets interpreted as me being depressed. But alas the viewer always has their own point of view and as an artist you must always accept that.

Now back to work.

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