Tuesday, February 2, 2010

good bye, tear down

Kendra Skalski, Marcy Chevali

I was very sad to spend my day Friday taking down the connective thread exhibit. The month absolutely flew by.

Kendra Skalski

I slowly took each piece down one by one. Preparing them to be shipped back to their talented maker or picked up and toted home. It was actually quite interesting to see the show dissolve... and hear so many people, in the time that I was in the gallery, come in and say how sad they were to see it go.
Compliments on the beauty of the show and the work were abound.
I was so delighted for the success of the work and hope to see it come alive again in another venue.

You can see the progress of the exhibit coming together as well as links to all the artists features and their websites over at connective threads very own blog here.

Thanks for your interest in the exhibit and my journey through it.

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