Thursday, February 18, 2010

home alone...

I so enjoyed the luxury of 2 days in my apartment alone. Since C works form home it is rare that I get time all by myself. So I took the last 2 days to get a break from the studio and the computer, something my brain needed, and get some major organizing and paperwork done all with crappy tv blaring in the background. It was perfect.

And just as I hoped I now feel excited and ready to be in my studio again. I finished 3 pieces this week from big, to medium, to tiny.
The bullshit piece you see above is heading off next week to U-turn gallery in Cincinnati for exhibition next month and April. I added some falling petals from 2 of the flowers and in white thread added the text he loves me, he love me not.... she loves me, she loves me not. It is very subtle and almost reads simply as a texture. But then you get close and read it....What do you think?

Now I am getting started on a smaller scale portrait piece for exhibit in May. I am excited to get started as the drawing looks awesome. I will share pictures tomorrow.

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