Monday, February 22, 2010

floating in thread...

Since I am working on my self portrait float, for an under the water themed exhibit I thought the work of Katie Park was perfect for my feature today. Plus I am feeling a bit exhausted and need to just feature simple lovely embroidery work without needing to talk much conceptual talk.

Katie submitted her work to me awhile back and I really enjoy her illustrative style and use of negative space in her thread drawings.

Katie says:
My family has a long history of recording personal experience through traditional fiber techniques, including embroidery and knitting. Through my current work, I seek to continue this tradition by using these crafts in a new and modern way. I embrace the absurd, and use it metaphorically to journal my own life, sometimes seeking to find humor in even the most heartbreaking situations.

Katie also makes super awesome little knit plushies.

My favorite has to be this adorable little abominable snow man. You can see many more of her plushies at her etsy shop here.
Or follow her blog here.

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