Friday, February 5, 2010


I am off to Massachusetts today to have dinner with my dear friend and teach some workshops on Saturday. So my 8 month preggers bum needs some cushion for the long drive, haha.

These little linens that have been popping up are from a new series of text pieces that are exploring a less diaristic direction for the text... each word alludes to something that the linen might actually do or protect from while also being something that could be an emotion or protect ones emotions. I really love how they are turning out... more to come and a group picture soon.
At some point a few will also go up in my little shop- when I have the time.

Any way, off to Massachusetts hopefully I will miss driving in the coming snow.

Thanks for the mention here, though I cannot read it Celine contacted me with some very nice words so I assume it is more of the same.

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