Friday, February 12, 2010


I made the above work for an exhibition in May and have another portrait piece that I am making for the same show and... I have sort of mentally been hanging on to this word "float."
I love the idea and freedom to just float- being supported and held by the water and the natural buoyancy of your body, you skin being caressed, your hair floating out- Almost like flying.

I would not mind a day or two of just floating softly in the sun.

I am transferring the image for the image piece today and am pretty excited to get started.
It is a face with the hair floating out from an photo taken in a bath tub. The hair is going to look great. I sort of love the idea of an entire series of people floating in a pool. Maybe after my sleepers.

My studio visit went really well yesterday, it was so nice to have the energy of someone else in the studio and is always nice to get feedback- and fascinating to see what draws certain people in.
So I am hopeful and my fingers are crossed that it will evolve into an opportunity. So please keep your fingers crossed for me.

And....Have a very wonderful weekend.

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