Thursday, February 11, 2010

everday stitches

Needing a simple post today so I am featuring an artist that works in simple lines, Naomi Ryder. I saw Naomi's work somewhere online and bookmarked her website awhile back. She creates lovely stitched portraits of everyday moments, usually female subjects .

With her use of one thread color per piece, simple straightforward stitches, and loose threads the works read much more like a drawing than a fiber piece. Personally, I love how contemporary most of the figures appear while she works them in such an old technique.

Naomi comes from a design background which I think is evident in her simple style and technique and well as her excellent us of composition and negative space.

Her bio states:
...drawing with stitch to create beautiful images of the everyday.
Naomi’s main source of inspiration is the beauty and humour found in day-to-day culture and mundane routine tasks that make up our daily lives. She has recently explored this theme by stitching people brushing their teeth, getting out of bed and talking on the telephone. She is able to capture the moment rarely noticed, yet is an essential part of living. She presents such moments using delicate and luxury materials that create an interesting contrast between essential and superfluous, beauty and ordinary.

To see more of Naomi's lovely work visit her website.


Naomi Ryder said...


thanks Joetta for posting your lovely comments about my work.

Love the blog too.

Joetta M. said...

my pleasure.