Thursday, May 19, 2011

better farm

Taking a break from all the playfulness to mention that this Sunday I head to a 2 week residency with toddler in tow, no daddio. So I am very excited, a little nervous, and not ready at all.

I am headed to BetterFarm in Redwood, NY a working farm and small scale artist residency. I love this type of place low key, no crowds, time to breathe, and work.

I really have no idea what I am walking into but I do know I look forward to working in this space...

having no schedule, no classes to teach, no agenda, no house to clean, no cats to feed, no social life. It will just be me, t, and my art. So I am hoping for a lot of fresh air and a lot of time to work and reconnect.

Now I have to just get ready!

Check out this paper where Jemma Morgan talks about my work in reference to the DIY movement.

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