Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am feeling totally swamped and crazy this week with so much going on but yesterday, though hectic, was a great day I taught the 2nd class of a workshop I was doing at NYU and was moved and humbled by the amazing work that the students did, more on that later.

And... I previewed the Play catalogue and it looks great. Some small tweaks must be done but it is going to be a sweet little book. But most of all I love, love, the cover, still a few changes to be made. I have been working with one of the interns at the Textile Arts Center, Claire, and have pretty much been sending her all the stuff and she has been compiling it into the software program as I want...but I am always super indecisive about feature image selection when I love all the work in the show so... for the cover I sent them 3 images to choose from and I love that they chose Magali Rizzo's work and even more love how it is zoomed and cropped. Makes for an awesome cover!!!

So I know you all will want one. They are really just made to honor the show so costs will be just to cover the making of it. So look forward to adding one to your collection!!!

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Brown Sarah said...

Thank you so much for coming to our class! I really enjoyed the workshops and our crit.
I finished the other piece I was working on, I posted it on my (otherwise) jewelry blog, take a look: