Tuesday, May 10, 2011

install, install

Katya Usvitsky installing her piece

The last 2 days have been total install days for PLAY. And actually in general things went really well. No major nightmare pieces... though-

the table with some works layed out.

one had minor damage to it via the shipping process.
one has a shelf that did not have proper brackets attached which meant it needed a little fixing.
one should have been a nightmare to hang but due to a very thoughtful, careful, and creative artist was a total breeze.
and one piece is still out there and hopefully will be found and delivered today. fingers SO crossed.

Candice Thompson's work before it was hung.

Woo, exhausting. But seriously I think the show looks amazing and am so looking forward to the opening this Friday. Once the last piece is hung, the space is cleaned and cleared, the windows are opened...so much fun and such a party for fiber will ensue.

As for today I am headed for the studio to do some much needed stitching.

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Brown Sarah said...

this all looks amazing! i wish i could make it to the opening but i have to work friday night, i will be sure to stop by the exhibition while it's up though.