Wednesday, May 25, 2011

oh baby.

Jill Greenberg

so apparently the tranquility, the fresh air, the green grass, and the bird song turn my child into a demon child. He has pretty much not stopped screaming, whining, crying, or nursing since yesterday morning. And in short this is not going the way I had planned. Instead it has become my own quiet hell. It is hard enough to have a cranky baby, doubly hard when your partner is not around, triply hard when you are in an environment where you can't just plop them in a corner, walk away, and let them scream.

I feel for the guy as the place is unfamiliar, the people are unfamiliar, but I also feel like I am about to go crazy if I hear him whine one more time. And in reality I am not that accustomed to this as he is normally a very easy kiddo. So...not happy mama.

So needless to say my day could be better.

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