Wednesday, May 11, 2011

sweet and lovely.

Lovely work by Patti Roberts-Pizzuto also known as Missouri Bend Studio.

She combines paint, thread, and paper to make sweet little works.

Each work has a poetic little writing to go with it here is the one the above image:

A tiny boat, without its oars, looks as it if it has run aground....sitting in an ambiguous space, it waits patiently for the waters to flow. In the meantime, the title feature of this small piece, the passing cloud, hovers above, its shadow acting as a mirror reflection at the bottom. The passing cloud, made from a bit of organza sewn to the page, contains a handful of tiny colored beads....something akin to a silver lining. Sometimes we feel stranded, unable to move....its just a passing cloud, soon the waters flow once more and we are sailing free.

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