Friday, May 27, 2011


After a rainy morning, I pulled on my wellies picked up the babes and took a walk in the sunshine. Perusing through the garden, checking out the yard, and soaking it in...

Due to the fact that the weather has been a bit chilly at times and the babes just got over his fever I moved my "studio" indoors for now. It actually works great. A bit more like my studio in Brooklyn a nice couch to sit on and plenty of room for t to play.

With a happier baby I have managed to make some progress on things. After looking at this piece up on the wall I decided that I really liked the contrast of the red thread color of the figures with the pale pink and purple for the clothing and sheeting...

So as I move further on this piece I decided to use paler colors on the bedding here too.

Of course now I am on the stage with the work where it is all the subtle slow details that are being built. I always feel like I am not making any progress on the work at this point in the making. There is no dramatic oh wow look at that. But deep down I know that this is the time where the piece really becomes alive and even if the progress appears less it is just as essential to the work.

By the way I finally have taken a huge, big deep breath and it feels good.

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