Thursday, May 26, 2011


my room where I spent most of the day with sad baby drenched in sunlight.

Yesterday the sun was bright, the air was warm, and the day was long.
and I do not mean long in a good way. The little babes was SO not happy due to what ended up being a pretty unpleasantly high fever. Poor babe, Poor mama, and Poor folks also in the house not related to mama and babe.

I did some gardening therapy and planted some cucumber in the garden. That was good.
Took a walk to the birdhouse to peek in on the adorable little baby birds. That was good.
And otherwise was sad and stressed with my sad little man.
So for any of you that read this blog and think being a mama and an artist is easy I am one to tell you no, no, no. But it ain't easy being a mama no matter what- hard work sometimes.

somehow amongst all that I did get some work done. Progress made.

But after a fitless night, awakening for a drive at 5:45 am, and a tired mama crash out on the bed. It seems the fever may have broken and my sweet boy returned. We will see. Fingers crossed. As this place has the potential to be such a great inspiration for my work.

a picture from the Better Farm FB page. A door from an installation done last year out in the field.

Today it is wet and rainy, cool and gray, the baby is asleep, my work is in front of me. So all in all the complete opposite of yesterday and I am just fine with that.

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