Monday, October 31, 2011

recrafting history

This show looks awesome and I so wish I could see it. So all of you out in LA need to make it over and tell me how awesome it is?


RECRAFTING HISTORY: history, nostalgia & craft in the American memory

curated by Ellen Caldwell

October 29 – December 22, 2011

Jen Pack

from the press release:
Artists Eric Beltz, Jen Pack, Karen Spector, Frohawk Two-Feathers, and Stephanie Washburn all speak to Sturkin’s concept of a shared history and entangled cultural memory. Exploring our modern world through a recrafted lens, they create fictitious, re-envisioned, nostalgic, and comical memories and renderings of the past and present. Negotiating themes ranging widely in subject and medium, each artist in Recrafting History answers the question, how do we exhibit histories that we don’t talk about? In experiencing their art, we as viewers, are welcomed to explore the deeper themes that trouble the American psyche and collective American memory.

Eric Beltz

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