Thursday, December 8, 2011

drum roll...

Finally I am ready to say it-----

I have moved from the Big Apple...

to bean town.

Recently one reader said "did you say where you were moving?" and I had not. Partially as I may not have wanted to admit what was happening, partially because it happened so fast that I had yet had time to process it myself, and mainly because I do not want it to affect how people look at me as an artist.
All "kind of" valid reasons.

*not wanting to admit what was happening- I have loved living in Brooklyn and since I have been married it is the longest place we have lived. I built an incredible community of friends and artists in Brooklyn to support and inspire me and am SO sad to leave them.
But maybe the hardest thing to admit to myself was that I am just not a "new yorker." I may love it and I may be SO grateful to have lived there for the 5 years that I did but I also love nature, swimming in lakes, having a porch, having space to be away from my husband in my own house, not having things fall down on me in my apt, not having a 5 minute drive become the most stressful event of my day, the lists goes on.
The truth is that NYC is an AMAZING place to live but it is also a hard place to live, you have everything at your fingertips, but at the same you don't. The stress and energy of the city was very hard on my marriage and very hard on our finances and very hard on me having balance as a human being. So though as an artist I really wanted to be there- I needed to remember that I am not only an artist but I am also a person, a wife, a mama, a yogi, and a Midwestern girl.
*it happened so fast that I had no time to process it myself- My husband pointed out that from the day he got called for his interview and the day we moved it had only been 5 weeks. WOW. We went from having a life that was very settled to a sudden whirlwind of change. For me this was hard for multiple reasons; one being that I had a number of classes, workshops, and commitments lined up so I had to figure out how to either detract myself from them or push the dates so that I could do them or decide that I would come back to the city to fulfill the commitment. I also had a very settled life, routine, and community that I all of a sudden was leaving.

Funnily the first time we moved to Boston (10 years ago) was the same. We had a totally settled happy life and within less than 6 weeks we were no longer in Ohio but Boston. And though that first time we moved it was a VERY hard adjustment from the safe familiar womb of the Midwest to the totally different world of the North East by the time we left the area, for me to attend Graduate School, it truly felt like home. And there has always been a part of me that knew we would end up back here.

*I do not want it to affect how people look at me as an artist.- the big one. I told a friend of mine that if I was not an artist there would be NO reservations attached to this move. But I am an artist so there is. I had it pounded in my head, as so many artists do, that you HAVE to be in NYC to have a career that matters and I bought into it. But I am not sure that I do anymore. I do think it is GREATLY beneficial to have lived in NYC at some point, to have connections in NYC, and to visit often so that you can know what is going on and happening. BUT in the day and age of the Internet your really do not have to live there. You can see most of the shows online, you can do all your communication with galleries, studios, and media on line or phone, and none of my favorite artists (except ms. LB lived their lives there.)
So... I started to see that most of the artists that truly inspire me live elsewhere and maybe that is because of the type of art that I make and love. I love personal work, about the everyday and that is not specific to any place. So maybe this will affect my career, and maybe that will even be in a good way. I am hoping that....
-teaching opportunities on a college level will be more accessible to me. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do some adjunct teaching.
-Grants will be more accessible as I am not competing against all the artists of the biggest city in the country.
-I will still be teaching in NYC regularly and participating in the Fiber Collective that I began.
-And mostly my time will be less strained and stressed and maybe I can find a bit more focus and balance.

S00000, all in all this has been a crazy last 6 weeks. I am still reeling from it all but I know in my heart that this is better for us. My blood pressure is lower, my space is calmer, and my husband is much happier. So send good vibes my way please and please oh please if any of you readers out there are in the Boston area get in touch I need some cool people in my life, mama and/or artists especially


michèle guevara said...

I already feel your calm and balance from what I just read!... I'm not in Boston but in Toronto, but I wanted you to know how much your work has inspired me! I'm a graphic designer that loves to experiment and do crafty things: crochet, knitting, printmaking... Tonight I have the Opening of my first exhibition of crochet pieces here in Toronto and I'm so nervous and excited! I would love to start a conversation! please visit my blog and hopefully you would like to too!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your new life.

Vales is my word verification and if I'm correct that is suitcase in french!
(I love co-incidences likes these)

about a fox said...

I totally hear you on everything you just wrote here-- I'm only 45 minutes south in Providence RI-- but have a number of friends in Cambridge/Boston and could totally hook you up!

By the way-- I am sharing your amazing "line" exhibit post at my blog tomorrow because people are gonna love on it big time.

bienvenue a beantown!
xo, Elizabeth

Sonya Philip said...

My gosh that does sound like quite a whirlwind. Hope you and your family are settling into your new surroundings!

MarieE said...

the suspense is over! =)
Sounds like you're returning to a familiar area at least- sure cuts down on the stress of moving. You still have a studio space, I hope?

Ansie said...

Joetta, may this new chapter of your life be truly blessed. I am sure many new opportunities will open up for you as an artist and as a person.

Change, like growth, it never easy. But is mostly good.

Joetta M. said...

thank you thank you, thank you for all the kind words of support.

Congrats to michele too!

Michelle Shopped said...

boston! yay!

judy said...

Wonderful news for us!! I'm an native New Yorker now on the cape, and our son just moved from Brooklyn to here as well. There are many wonderful artists in the Boston area, and you are a fantastic addition!! The SDA group is very active as well. Welcome back. Now I can see your work in person, as I'm sure you'll be in some exhibit or your own solo show very soon.

allison manch said...

Congratulations on your move! I am sure you will find an art community just as great in Boston as in NYC. Good luck with everything!

Judith G. Klausner said...

Welcome (back) to Boston! I am a Boston-area fiber (and other things) artist, and a big fan of your work. We actually both had work in a show at the Peabody Historical society years ago (I hadn't realized until I'd been reading your blog for a while.) Anyhow, I just wanted to say that there is a strong art community here if you look for it, and it will be all the more vibrant for having you in it!

Joetta M. said...

thanks to everyone. To Judy and Judith please do let me know of any cool events in the area and I am always, always open to studio visits with other artists so if you are interested let me know.

Liz Noonan said...

I live in Boston! Come and visit! I was also in that show with you at the Peabody Essex a couple of years back. I'm a mama to THREE and I still make art! If people ask me what I do - first thing - I'm an artist. You will find a warm and welcome start here.
You should look for the Gather Here stitch lounge in Cambridge. The owner, Virginia is amazing and kind.
Welcome, welcome!!!
email me if you need anything.

onesilentwinter said...

wow congratulations on your move, yes it could be daunting fro an artist to leave the big city but if you never felt at home there just imagine the inspiration tat might come from your new move!

Joetta M. said...

so true nadia!!

I would love to meet in person sometime after the holiday? Talk art and mama hood?
Let me know. My email is my name at gmail.