Wednesday, December 14, 2011

time to be lost.

I took these shots of my Brooklyn studio this weekend when I emptied out the last bit of contents. Even looking at them makes my heart go a little pitter pat. Ahhhh. Bittersweet. I really wish I was getting to work in my new studio, it looks great and is all set up but all the little things of moving and getting settled has been taking most of my time.
I am stitching a little each day but not enough considering all the exhibits that I have coming up in the next year.

But driving home from NYC listening to a great jazz station was a little mind blowing for me this Sunday. I so rarely get such a long time lost in my thoughts anymore, it is easy to forget how essential this is to an artist. Anyway I have been trying to work out my solo show at the TAC this spring...I knew I wanted to make work about the home, but then C and I were going through so much difficulty it felt more like our "home" was falling apart, so then I thought maybe that is what I should make work about, those moments when everything is falling down around you, and I kept visualizing it but never felt totally compelled and then... I had 4 hours in the car alone with myself. I feel like I might almost have it so I want to get started as there will be 2 larger pieces that will take quite awhile and then a number of other pieces. Ack ... but I think it could be a powerful grouping, we will see....


Anny said...

These shots are beautiful! You are such an inspiration. Thank you.

Joetta M. said...

Thank you:)