Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I am exhausted. But our new home has most of the rooms painted, the pain in the butt but awesome bookshelves hung, the lights cleaned, the kitchen and bathroom mostly scrubbed, and 75% of the boxes unpacked.
I feel like soon I can breathe again. But once I do I have all the crazy of what has been neglected to get caught up with like... an 8 page feature to write, a one page feature to write, 2 shows to make work for, one show to ship a huge work to, 2 neglected interviews to answer, 2 workshops to plan, and a new venture into embroidered skirts to think about, and so much more. ACK. So fingers crossed that tomorrow I can focus on the studio and get it all set so that some of these things can start to happen.

Until then bare with me I swear my fingers will get stitching soon.

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