Thursday, December 29, 2011

so good.

I know I have talked about her before but sometimes you just need to do it again and again and again. I seriously LOVE the panels pieces of Elana Herzog. Somehow I ended up on her website again and the drool started to drip out of my mouth. To me they are that lovely "drool worthy."

I am particulary into her white ones as I myself am doing a lot of white on white stuff.

Seriously something about how she abstracts the rugs and blankets into these gorgeous patterns and color fields while walking the line of keeping them as recognizable domestic objects just gets me everytime. She ends up mixing every thing I love about modern painting and textiles together into this AWESOME soup of GORGEOUS. But gorgeous in this wonderful way of falling apart.

I must say I do prefer her older works over her most recent but I would imagine as an artist she is at a place of pushing and changing her practice to figure out were it goes next. You can only do the same thing so much.

I hope she has some exhibits soon as I would love to see some more work in person. Go drool here.

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