Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thread Reviews-Anna Torma

Read my article on Hungarian born artist Anna Torma over here at Thread Reviews....

a sneak peak is a quote from a recent article on her work:

"The art, the art history and my life itself are not disconnected. My work is a tapestry and a mosaic of my life ... The story is my life and how it manifests on different pieces of fabric or in a drawing. The continuity of the process makes you happy. It really makes you happy to get up in the morning with a clear head, you can think what needs to be done because it's a meaningful activity for the day. That's exciting... You try to live your life richly - not get into trends or get caught up in the art world that can be restrictive at times - and the art comes from that life."


La Gringissima said...

wow. thanks!

Joetta M. said...

that is exactly what I thought when I saw her work. Wow. Now if only it could happen in person:(